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Understanding Online Conversion Optimization

Most people have probably heard of SEO, CTA, and CRM. Nevertheless, it is possible that a tiny three-letter acronym escaped your attention: CRO. A company's CRO, or conversion rate optimization, takes place when a visitor, a lead or a customer performs a desired action.

This action can be a purchase, filling in a form or downloading an e-book. The end goal is to convert leads into customers, but a lead can do many conversions before buying.

What is conversion rate optimization?

CRO is a process of creating a web experience for visitors that will convert them into customers. Conversions occur at various places on a site: on its homepage, blog, and of course, its landing pages. Website owners can optimize all these conversions, so this is what experts call maximizing the conversion rate (from visitors to leads, and from leads to customers).

Most online articles that mention a CRO will refer to the optimization of web pages or landing pages, as these indicators come from their site and usually contain many conversion opportunities that can be continuously optimized. However, conversion rate optimization can apply to social networks and is often linked to SEO. If some people convert to leads or customers on a web page or landing page, you can assume that they find that content relevant.

Optimizing conversion rates

There are several great ways to optimize conversion rates. People can influence their conversion rates in different ways, but certain areas are essential. Visitors to one website may not be the same as visitors to other sites.

Some people surf the internet, come to a site by chance and never make a purchase. Some look for a website because they are interested in the industry and may want to purchase something in the future. Then there are others that visit because they want to buy a product or service right away.

Since there are so many different people visiting each website, and since each one represents something different for a business, website owners should sometimes focus on the conversion rate of a group, and not on the overall conversion rate of your site. For more tips on CRO and digital marketing, contact an expert today.